A nice, slightly compressed 180 degree panoramic of the area around the Sanibel Island dock, using the rail as my tripod.

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Stuff I read recently...

I love the Internet. It's the ultimate encyclopedia.

Like everyone else, I often find or I am sent sites and links that I'd like to remember or revisit someday, but I don't want them to get lost in my browser's bookmarks list. sTEpHan hOPpE's Link-O-Rama satisfies that need because I can collect these eclectic, often useless but always interesting links together in one place, and share them like this. Sure, there are other services that do this (like link.ly) but I like mine better because it's in-house. :-)

Anyway, this is what I've found interesting lately. (This is awesome! = This is awesome!)

This background is: escheresque.jpg. It has an average lumosity of: 178.2 and came from: subtlepatterns.com
Maybe read No Big Deal, a story I consider to be the very best thing I ever wrote.