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Saved KiTTY Password Extraction

image of my KiTTY open terminal dialog.

Recently I needed to scp to a linux box that I had long ago lost the password to, but luckily I had that password saved in KiTTY. This awesome Intertip allowed me to recover that lost password in just 8 simple steps:

  1. Load the session with the stored password into KiTTY
  2. Go to the Session -> Logging
  3. Enable logging for SSH packets and raw data
  4. Uncheck the Omit known passwords fields box
  5. Start the session, wait until it logs you in
  6. Close the KiTTY window
  7. Go to your KiTTY folder and open the log file
  8. Find the "Send automatic password" block to get your plain-text password.


Once recovered, I saved the user/pass as part of the session save so that I don't have to go through this every week. :-)

Saved KiTTY Password Extraction
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