My buddy Patrick took this panoramic shot while stuck on the 401 during an unusually bad snow storm in Febrary 2015.

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Baby, it's cold outside

Baby, it's cold outside

My favourite Xmas song is "Baby, it's cold outside". I've collected many versions over the years. The version that sounds best to me is by Jessica Simpson but I also like the hilarious version the guys from Scrubs did: (video starts at the funny part)

But it's 2016, and now this song has been declared "rapey" and it no longer fits in with modern feminist culture. I never realized this before but "Baby, it's cold outside" actually describes a sexual predator who possibly slips a roofie into his victim's drink and refuses to let her leave. See and 

But luckily somebody has kindly updated the lyrics for the modern age.

Baby, it's cold outside
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