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The Time:01

Cover of: The Time, sTEpHan hOPpE's thrilling new novel.

National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) was this past 2104. It's a competition with very few rules; the objective is to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days. For the fifth time since 2006, I competed, and for the second time (the other being in 2009) I "won", that is to say, I knocked out a 50k word novel, somewhat coherent and totally un-spellchecked, in just 21 days.

It's a horrible bit of prose with almost no redeeming qualities. I change tense and I change perspective and I break the fourth wall literally hundreds of times but all that said, it's still much better than my 2006 effort, which was little more than a drunken rant against my 5 ex-wives.

It's called: "The Time", and because it's so awful, I've decided to put it up here, for all (both) of you loyal readers to see.

I could say that I hope you enjoy it, but ultimately I really could care less. Here are the details:

The Time (working title) was: Unititled

Author: shoppe

Genre: Thriller/Suspense


Partly out of revenge and partly out of a sense of outrage, out-of-work Etienne (Steve) LaMonde starts an investigation to expose the wrong-doings of the nation's largest charity organization. But almost as soon as he starts digging, the local police start an investigation of their own to find a prowler terrorizing Steve's small community, and Steve is the prime suspect.

(cover design by Nik Hoppe)

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The Time:01
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