A reasonably nice, slightly compressed 180 degree panorama of the dock at Rondeau Provincial Park.  I think I used a tripod here. And that's me on the left.

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Virgin Sucks Now

Logo of sucky Virgin Mobile

What you see below is the result of me getting lost in Michigan on August 31st and briefly turning on data roaming so I could use Google Maps to get myself oriented:

  Roamer Packet Data
  Sat Aug 31
  start  dur           megs   $/mb    sub-ttl
  15:05  7:44 min: USA 2.1973 6.00 MB 13.18
  15:13  2:32 min: USA 2.1846 6.00 MB 13.11
  15:26  1:03 min: USA 1.0449 6.00 MB 6.27
  15:28 24:43 min: USA 2.5166 6.00 MB 15.10
  16:41  1:10 min: USA 0.1924 6.00 MB 1.15
  17:02  2:28 min: USA 0.2207 6.00 MB 1.32
  total $50.13


I should have just bought a map at a gas station.

Virgin*, I just thought you should know that you kind of suck now.

*Bell took sole ownership of Virgin Mobile on July 1, 2009. I guess that explains it.

Virgin Sucks Now
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