A reasonably nice, slightly compressed 180 degree panorama of the dock at Rondeau Provincial Park.  I think I used a tripod here. And that's me on the left.

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Lollipop Frankenstein

But don't let the lollipop fool you - he's still a killer.

Nik, my 6-year-old son, loves to draw. And lately, he's taken to creating full-fledged books, staple-bound and complete with covers, illustrations, and back pages that invite you to "...stay tuned for the next book in the series: The Never Ending Hill..."

a pic of the awesome wonderfulness of lollipop frankenstein

Some of Nik's drawings are pretty disturbing. Lots of heads getting cut off; lots of heads impaled on sticks. Come to think of it, the only colours Nik ever really uses in his books are regular pencil-lead gray (for his prose and his drawings) and red - for the blood. I'm not really worried - so far none of the pictures are of me. But one illustration that has figured prominently in a couple of books now and doesn't quite match with the rest is "Lollipop Frankenstein." I asked Nik the other day what the story is behind Lollipop Frankenstein. He said, "Oh, our teacher won't let us draw violence, so I put the lollipops in Frankenstein's hand so that he's not violent."

In the book, despite the presence of the lollipop on page 2, Lollipop Frankenstein still rips off another monster's head on page 3, but I have to laugh at Nik's simple yet elegant solution to the violence issue.

Lollipop Frankenstein

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