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Mon Mauvais Francais

C'est peut-être mort.

picture of Ellie Hoppe wearing her french lnaguage t-shirt.

On the day before Valentine's Day, I was at Zeller's shopping for a few things for Patti and the kids for Valentine's day. Among other things, I wanted to get each kid a t-shirt.

So, I found a neat one for Nik with skulls and stuff on it. And for Ellie I found the perfect shirt because it was in French, and Ellie is in the French club at school (she's really very, very good at it) and I figured she would get a kick out of the translation. I wasn't sure what it said, it was something like: 10 facons ... coeur... and then there was a list of French sentences and the last line was something to do with duct tape (ruban adhésif)

I thought, "Oh, where is my franco-friend Melanie when I need her?" but I muddled through the translation; as best I could tell, the shirt said "10 ways to fix a broken heart" with the last way being "duct tape."

I thought: Perfect! And I bought the shirt.

Next, I brought the shirt home and typed the words into Google Translate and noticed right away that I misread coeur, it was actually soeur... Uh ohh...

You know what it said? "10 Ways to shut your sister up!" And now that I think of it, I was standing in the boy's department...

At least I got the last line correct - "duct tape."


Mon Mauvais Francais
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