A reasonably nice, slightly compressed 180 degree panorama of the dock at Rondeau Provincial Park.  I think I used a tripod here. And that's me on the left.

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Steph Learns Guitar - F Major

Yeah, an "F major" pain in my...

This one chord has stopped me dead in my tracks. It's the "unplayable guitar chord." I'm formally applying to the International Guitar Institute to have F Major abolished. I can't even count how many children's fingers have been cruelly twisted and tortured by that chord. From now on, instead of a barre on fret one/strings one and two with the index finger, Fmajor shall simply be played with the index finger on fret 1/string 2 and leave string 1 open (which I think is another form of A...but so what - close enough.)

Steph Learns Guitar - F Major

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