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Say ello to my liddle fren...

A USB Key Theft-Prevention Device

A while ago, I bought a USB thumb drive for my company for corporate use, but I think the term "corporate use" was misinterpreted to mean: "steal me." So I bought another thumb drive and then developed a PHP registration application that interfaced with a MySQL database to keep track of who had the key and when and for how long...but I'll admit it might have been overly complicated creation - I guess it didn't really need the captchas and the blowfish encryption... because the second key somehow still managed to vanish into thin air during one of the regularly scheduled application and database maintenance backups...

A USB key on a paddle in the style of gas station bathroom keys.

So, taking a page from the local gas bar I toiled away for the better part of a week of evenings in my home workshop and finally finished crafting the "Gas Station (USB) Key anti-theft device." (or g-SUK) I took great pains to make it authentic - right down to the urine splatters on the board.

It's been 48 hours and while nobody has exactly borrowed it yet, at least it hasn't been stolen.

(The title of this article was a line from Scarface, btw...)

Say ello to my liddle fren...
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