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Holy Freaking Moly

That's Sour!

toxic waste - hazardously sour candy Patti and I dropped by the unfortunately named Bulk Barn a couple of Saturdays ago in order to pick up a couple of Valentine's day treats for the kids. Somewhere along the way, I spotted a bin of these deceptively little sour candies - Toxic Waste "Hazardously" sour candy. Neat packaging. So I grabbed a handful, paid for them, brought them home and put them into the candy jar on my desk - and thought no more about them until the next day when Nik asked for one. When he popped it into his mouth,he gave this hilarious agonized expression but I thought he was just hamming it up. (even though us Hoppes have been told ten million times that we are not prone to exaggeration or hyperbole.) I mean I have had sour candies before but really, I've never one that was even moderately sour. I thought for sure he was faking... I popped one into my mouth. A watermelon one. Instantly, my lips slammed together into a point. I couldn't open my eyes. You know that pain you get behind your earlobes when you eat something sour? I got that times 10. After about 15 seconds of the most excruciatingly sour taste sensation I have ever experienced, the sour was over and the candy then turned blessedly sweet. I continued to enjoy my Toxic Waste straight through to the soft sour center - nowhere near as sour as the beginning.

Just this evening, Ellie and I tried the lemon and the apple flavours. If anything, they were even more sour than the watermelon! Definitely not for sour amateurs. Of course they are made in Pakistan - as you know nobody knows sour like the Pakistanis. In short, Toxic Waste isn't a candy, it's an experience. An awesome one. They are so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up. I know I will.

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Holy Freaking Moly

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