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A Tim Hortons Conundrum

The Tim Horton's sign, circa 2006

I don't feel I am so much a fan of Tim Horton's as a victim. Probably because I end up there way more than I want to be. I'd blame it on my Canadian genes, but Tim's isn't even Canadian any more! Can someone tell me why every day I line up like cattle for coffee that's no better than CoffeeTime's or Country Style's?

On to one of the great metaphysical questions torturing me yesterday:

What is the rule when you are in the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s and you are behind some big truck that, as soon as they’ve spoken their order, they ease forward in line but not enough so that their rear wheels are off the "pad" so that you can get your car up to the drive thru speaker?

  • Do you drive up on the pad as far as you can get and wait to get to the speaker to talk?
  • Do you drive up on the pad as far as you can get and shout your order?
  • Or do you wait short of the pad and simply listen as the cashier says to nobody: “Welcome to Tim Horton’s. Can I take your order?”


A Tim Hortons Conundrum
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