One of my first night shots.  The Trent University Athletic complex in Peterborough, Ontario, taken from the other side of the Otonabee river.

Des Informations, des Idées, et des Opinions Suspectes - rarement mises à jour et de qualité douteuse.

How I made this site.

To make the template for this page, I used WeBuilder (an HTML editor,) which is very good IMHO.

Once it was done, I ported it over to Thingamablog (a desktop blogging tool,) which I will now use for any further content updates. I use Thingamablog A LOT because it saves me so much time on site creation and maintenance. It's simple to use and it is almost infinitely customizable. Though it's billed as a blog creator, I can easily make sites that don't even look like blogs at all if I wish. It even has an RSS news reader and file transfer functionality built right in.

If you want to create a site (or blog) fast, and maintain it with ease, give these two programs a try.

How I made this site.

This background is: arches.jpg. It has an average lumosity of: 203.6 and came from:
Maybe read No Big Deal, a story I consider to be the very best thing I ever wrote.