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Aural Ambiguity

Listen to this word in French:   speaker icon

Know what it means?

Are you sure?

Me neither. At this point in my life, I can read and write in French and speak it real good. And my accent isn't bad at all. But my comprehension still sucks.

When a person speaks to me in French, I hear only jibberish. Lately, it's become even worse because I (and I'm sure that all my French friends feel this way too) should have gotten my comprehension down by now!

I blame my ears, the rest of me, and literally everything else in the world but most of all, I blame the language itself! Click below to hear the French for each of the following words:

  • Green   speaker icon
  • Toward/Towards   speaker icon
  • (Poetic) Verse   speaker icon
  • (Drinking) Glass   speaker icon
  • Worm   speaker icon
  • Squirrel Fur   speaker icon

See? Who can learn comprehension when every word is the same? :-)

Aural Ambiguity
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