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Moisture is the essence of wetness. and wetness, is the essence of beauty.

Today, I feel bitter. I am something that is bitter; or like some bitter food that tastes bitter. This bitterness is affecting my ability to create vivid similes and metaphors.

I am offically dry; bereft of any remaining literary spark. I sit here for hours on end, my fingers cramped into the obscene and mangled rictus of one about to type, yet nothing springs to mind, and without thoughts, there are no stories. My loins burn - that probably has nothing to do with my writer's block. I've described fully every significant event of my insignificant life - I am done, spent, finished...and yet:

I am still going to accept donations!

This is how this is going to work. I am accepting donations for the post here that I have already written. I know all of you (both of you) are living vicariously through me and paraphrasing my work and even claiming it as your own. Nothing in this world is free I'm afraid, except sunsets I suppose, but as Socrates once said, "You can't eat sunsets." Now about these donations. Regardless of whether you have enjoyed the articles, or whether you have even ever read one through completely, you are now obligated to make a donation into my paypal account. I am tracking your IPs, people. In particular, my most loyal reader has spent almost 15 minutes on my site and has read two whole pages. Dude, you owe me $50 now. I don't know exactly who you are, but I do know you are either a Rogers, Videotron, or Cogeco customer using an IE6 compatible browser or similar - the rest is only a matter of time, hombre.

Now I realize this bold move may cost me either or both of you readers to my site. But consider what your $50 donation buys. Medicine, pencils, and enough rice for me to last a year. Clean drinking water, and a classroom where I can learn to read, a hospital where I can get my cataracts fixed and my leprosy cured before I die of AIDs, or of ebola, or by machete wound during some bloody coup. Wouldn't someone like you, want to help someone like me?

Seriously, the big reason I am going to be demanding donations for reading my site from now on is because I'm trying to raise money because I would like to fly my family to Nigeria so my kids can finally meet their Dad in the flesh.

Moisture is the essence of wetness. and wetness, is the essence of beauty.
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