A 360 degree (compressed, to fit it all here in just 925px) of our Father-Daughter camping site in May 2010.

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Muscle Tone

I weep for the future.

Young, fit, and healthy in 1922...

One of the sites I visit daily is the Shorpy Historic Photo Archive, which is nothing but hi-res old photos. I like to pick whatever is on offer that day, view it in original size and wonder what it must have been like to live back then. I can honestly stare at a photo for a half an hour, poring over every detail and just wondering...

One of my favourite photo genres are street scenes because there is just so much to see. You can see the people walking on the sidewalks, the fashions of the day, the storefronts, the cars, and sometimes even the sewage running along the gutters.

I also like pictures of employees, often shockingly young kids, standing outside of mills. Man, it is very moving looking at the hardened faces of children barely 6 years old!

Today's picture was of young guys in the water. Maybe a summer camp? What struck me was how lean and muscular all of the guys were. No obesity here. All had well-developed arms and legs. You can bet that in 1922 the diet was simple yet robust because processed crap hadn't been invented yet. These young guys are the picture of health. You can bet the water was clean too. (But I won't even begin to theorize why the big guy is tied up on the platform...)

I wonder if I went down to the local YMCA and snapped a similar picture, if after the police were done processing me and I got out of jail, how similar would the body types of the kids in my picture be to the kids in this one?

Muscle Tone
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