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Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 5

Day 5.

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Stephan Hoppe on his wedding day...

I should take a moment here to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 6 foot 4 inch tall, super-handsome and über-masculine 43-year-old male. Seven months ago, I tipped the scales at 271 pounds - I decided that enough was enough, there was no use in denying it, for the first time in my life I would have to diet and exercise. I picked as my goal the weight I was at when I met my wife 11 years earlier - 232 pounds. I wanted to fit into my fancy and frilly powder-blue wedding tux one more time! So I went on the Cabbage Soup Diet in order to kick-start the whole process and I lost 9.5 pounds in 6 days. Encouraged by this, I continued with a sensible diet and some pretty frequent and intensive exercising until I hit my goal weight a little over 3 months later. I looked and felt great (and the tux was loose on me!) but I wanted to see if losing a few more pounds would be even better for me because according to my BMI, a guy my height should be no more than 204 pounds.

Over the next few months, using the same "secret" formula of sensible eating and moderate exercise, I continued to gently move down, stopping at 225 and again at 215, looking and feeling better and better each time. But I still had a little belly and 204 pounds was calling out to me: "Stephan! Steeeeppphannnn!" With effort, I ignored the call until last week. I had plateaued at 215, and could feel myself creeping upwards again. I didn't want to pull any further away from 204 now that I was so close, so I decided to do the Cabbage Soup Diet just one more time.

This morning I looked in the mirror and I think I'm actually getting a little gaunt! Awesome! My stomach is almost completely flat, I can't even push it out that far. To tell you the truth, 204 might just be a little low for me, but at least I know that fact now and I also have the luxury of putting back on a few pounds if necessary. Can't wait for the morning of day 8!

40 Creek Double Barrel Reserve

Yesterday I ate little, but I had lots of *ahem* liquids. I had one bowl of cabbage soup, five bananas, one and a half litres of skim milk, two black coffees, a bunch of water and tea, two beers, a Grand Marnier, a straight up shot of the best whiskey on the planet, and a Hoppe's Own Special 6oz Manhattan.

I am feeling a little weak, and I did have a couple of dizzy spells yesterday but nothing worrying. I worked out yesterday for the first time in a week and had a fantastic session. I'm also a little irritable but that happens even when I don't diet...

Today I can have between 10 and 20 ounces of beef (so for me that means - twenty ounces of beef,) 6 tomatoes, and the soup. The bloody soup.

December 15 - 217 lbs.
December 16 - 212 lbs.
December 17 - 211 lbs.

December 18 - 208.5 lbs.
December 19 - 205.5 lbs.

Oooh, that's getting a little scary. 12 pounds in 5 days? If I lose anything between today and tomorrow, I may just have to stop.

Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 5
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