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Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 1

Day One.

Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 1
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Cabbage Soup Diet - Post Diet

a cabbage (it's a symbol.)

My ultimate weight goal is 204 lbs. which is the absolute most I can weigh and not have a BMI reading of "overweight", but despite my moderate intentions over the last couple of months, here I am today at 217 lbs. up from an all-time low of 213 lbs. from about a week ago. I know that the fluctuation is mostly water and salt, but I weigh myself every day and I can see that I'm definitely trending upwards. I was going to wait until spring before losing my last 10 pounds for good but I've got nothing going on these days, so I thought I'd just do the Cabbage Soup Diet again and knock the pounds off a little early. I say "again" because when I started dieting back in May, I led off with this very same 7-day diet. It was tough to follow but I considered it a great kick-start to my overall lifestyle change.

So, last night I chopped up an ungoldy amount of vegetables into a stock pot and made my soup. This time I chose the Lipton Onion Soup version of the soup, hoping it will be a little more palatable than the original recipe was, and now here I am on Day 1.

Today, I can have unlimited soup and unlimited fruit, but no bananas. I will also drink my usual two black coffees and a bunch of glasses of water. I am also going to continue taking my vitamin supplements, but I will skip the Vegegreens (because it's a total scam. I'm just finishing the container.) and skip the OJ...

And I'll post my weight each day for seven days here:

December 15 - 217 lbs.


Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 1
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