A nice, slightly compressed 180 degree panoramic of the area around the Sanibel Island dock, using the rail as my tripod.

Informationen, Ideen und Meinungen, die nicht vertrauenswürdig sind - selten aktualisiert und von zweifelhafter Qualität.

A quick run down of the new Thingamablog tags

Thingamablog is still fully compatible with all the old templates, but yes, for the labels, keywords, and other stuff there are new template tags to take advantage of them.

Note: The tag format consisting of: 'less-than' 'dollar sign' 'tag name' 'dollar sign' 'greater-than' happens to be the same as PHP short codes. And it seems that short codes can't be set at the page level with: ini_set('short_open_tag', '0'); Which means that every time this page loads, my error_log fills up. So I've change the TAMB tags in this article to instead be: <*EntryID*>. Just know how they really are when you go to work on your templates.



Anything inside this is ignored and will not be output.

Same as <BlogEntry> except that it doesn't care which template it is on. By default it will always return a list of the most recent entries.  This is different from <BlogEntry> which by default knows about the context of the template and will return the entries appropriate for that page.

Both <Entries> and <BlogEntry> can now take a few arguments to provide more control about what entries get output. Here are some examples:

<Entries category="What Ever"></Entries>
This will output the the entries only belonging to a category "What Ever" on any page.

<Entries category="What Ever"  entries_between="2008-12-31 AND 2010-12-31">
THis will output the the entries in "What Ever" between 2008-12-31 and 2010-12-31

<Entries id="10">
This will output the entry with ID of 10 (if it exists)

Also new are "Labels."  Labels are similar to categories except that no page is generated for a Label. Labels are use in conjunction with the arguments above to help layout a page. For example, suppose you wanted to have "Sticky posts" at the top of the front page of your blog. You'd create a label called "sticky" and do something like this on the front page template..
<h1>Sticky Posts</h1>
<Entries label="sticky">
Only "sticky" posts will be here

<h2>Regular Blog posts</h2>
The usual blog entry stuff goes here

Sticky posts are only one example. You could also list posts with photos, or whatever. There is a new option "Create custom template" if you right click on the "Templates" folder.  You could make certain posts show up in a custom template with labels.

A quick run down of the new Thingamablog tags
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