This is a wide-view from the side of the Coral Princess as we go through the Panama Canal in January 2012.

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(Some) things (my) kid(s) (might) say (sometimes...)

Hey, it's the way I walk...

My 5-year-old son Nik is at that age where he says things that simply tickle me to death. For example, a week ago Patti and the kids picked me up from work in the van. As we're driving along, Nik behind me was saying, "Dad, turn around and look at me...Dad, turn around and look at me...Dad, turn around and look at me..."

So I turn and look and he's wearing an IronMan mask. I said, "Oh hey Nik, that's great; you got an IronMan costume. Is that what you going to be for Halloween?"

Nik waited half a beat then said, "Now what ELSE would I get an Iron Man costume for?!" (And I definitely caught the unspoken "Duh!")

And yesterday, Pete, Ellie, Nik, and I are watching Family Guy. I know. Family Guy invariably gets too risque about 2 minutes in and we have to switch it but during those first minutes yesterday, Stewie said something that made Ellie ask, "Dad, what's a cankle?" So I took great pains to explain properly and respectfully that with larger people, you often can't tell where the ankle end and the calf begins, and from that comes the term "cankle". There was silence for a beat while Nik digested this and then he said: "What's an ankle?"

(Some) things (my) kid(s) (might) say (sometimes...)
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