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Driving Miss Ellie

Ellie never liked the booster seat I got her from the Army surplus store... Believe it or not, I had a hard time getting a straight answer on this. I wanted to know whether I can put my 8-year-old daughter in the front passenger seat (which has an air bag) of my car. (If you've read one of my past articles, you'll know that my wife's son is never allowed in any seat of my car ever again) So based on the below, It is legal, and government "recommendations" be damned.

In Ontario, booster seats are required for children under the age of eight, weighing more than 18 kg but less than 36 kg (40-80 lbs) and who stand less than 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches) tall.
A child can start using a seatbelt alone once any one of the following criteria is met:
  • the child turns eight years old;
  • the child weighs 36 kg (80 lbs); or,
  • the child is 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches) tall.
You are required to use special protection devices for small children in your vehicle. The driver is responsible for the safety of all passengers under the age of 16 years. Children over 18 kg (40 pounds) must use either a regular lap seat belt or an equivalent booster seat. Children from 9 to 18 kg (20 to 40 pounds) must travel in a front-facing child restraint seat. Children from birth to 9 kg (to 20 pounds) must travel in a rear-facing child restraint system. It is recommended that all children under the age of 12 should be seated in the back seat of the vehicle where the front seat is equipped with an air-bag. Never place a rear-facing infant safety seat in a seating position where there is an air bag.
Driving Miss Ellie
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