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The Narcissism Doctrine

Ellie hoppe in 2007 was simply beautiful, inside and out.

When I look at my 7-year old daughter, Ellie I simply cannot believe how beautifiul she is. From her gorgeous honey-hair to the tips of her cute little toes - objectively speaking she is the most prettiest little girl in the entire world. I am actually hesitant to show pictures of Ellie to other parents because once they see a picture of her, they must surely realize how ugly their own children are...Don't get me wrong, Elle is a sweet girl - beautiful on the inside too, but the subject of this entry is really more about my daughter's super-model good-looks.

My question is why, in the face of the incontrovertable evidence of my daughter's beauty, do other parent's still believe that their hideous and mal-formed children are beautiful too? I've wondered about this for a while and it's only recently that the answer has come to me:

  1. I am inherently narcissistic.
  2. I see myself in my daughter.
  3. Therefore I think my daughter is beautiful.

That's the Hoppe Narcissim Doctrine™ coming into play. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Me? Narcissistic? I'm not. I'm really not. But then consider my son, Nik. He's nowhere NEAR as good looking as Ellie. He's kind of ugly actually. And he looks a lot more like his mother than he does me....AND she thinks he's they too prove the immutableness (immutablivity?) of the Hoppe Narcissim Doctrine™

The Narcissism Doctrine
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