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It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

About a year ago, I received a call from my local MP's office. It went something like: "Mr. Hoppe, it seems like a federal election is imminent. The Conservative Party of Canada requires support from constituents such as yourself so that Prime Minister Harper can continue his primary goal of improving yours, Mr Hoppe's, life. Can we count on your vote on election day?" So I said: "Sure." So the nice person on the other end of the line said: "Care to give us some money?" I said: "How little can I give? $10? Done." ...and I gave $10 to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Now along with all of the other SPAM I receive, I now am getting spammed by the Conservative Party of Canada. They won't stop! I've tried to unsubscribe, but to no effect. Here is the latest letter from Doug Finley, National Campaign Director, Conservative Party of Canada whose email address is the rather uninspired: donate@conservative.ca

"Dear Mr. Hoppe,
You have been such a strong supporter of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper that I was surprised when Irving Gerstein, our fundraising chair told me that we have not heard from you this year.
I am writing to ask you to please renew your support today with a $100 or perhaps even $200 contribution. You can make a contribution on line right now by following this link..."

Dougie! Irving! If I am your one of your strongest supporters and my year-old $10 donation got the attention of the fundraising chair, then I really don't want to be a supporter anymore. You've hit rock bottom, losers! You're a sinking ship, and I want off. I'm a conservative but that term applies only to my views, not to which Canadian political party I affiliate myself with. And as for the $10. I actually feel really stupid I gave you $10. At the time, it seemed like the fastest way to get back to my dinner. Now, if I gave you $100 or $200?! I wouldn't be able to face my family. The shame.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
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