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"This is much like the phone I used
to communicate with my son..."

This is a recent transcript of a conversation between me and my son, Nik, when I called home this morning from St. Louis, Missouri.


Nik: Hi Daddy

Me: Hi Mr. Hoppe. How are you?

Nik: (giggling) Fine.

Me: Are you treating your sister nice?

Nik: Yes.

Me: Is she treating you nice?

Nik: No.

Nik: You are a orange peel!

Nik: You are a apple!

Me: You are a pumpkin. You are a cucumber!

Nik: You are a rotten chin!

Me: You are a pimple!

Nik: You are a firecracker!

Me: You are a...

Nik: You are a egg sandwich!

Me: When I get home I am going to @$#!, you little !@#!&...

Nik: (laughs, drops phone and runs outside to play with his sister.)

It's carefree moments like that, that I enjoy most with my kids. And I'm proud that together with my wife, Satan, we are able to give our children that sort of lifestyle.

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