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My Unwilling Profligacy

barricade is really bad, and by that I mean really cool. The whole family went to see the Transformers yesterday at the theater, to Silver City in Newmarket, Ontario. It was the boy's first movie ever, so I did enjoy a few minutes watching him watching the movie - as well as watching the movie itself. And what a movie. What a fantastic, noisy spectacle of awesome robots! I really wanted my favourite robot to be one of the good guy autobots, but bad-guy decepticon Barricade totally rocked. Barricade is the police car when he's not transformed. If you go see the movie, look at what it says on the side of Barricade/Police Car where it's supposed to say "To Serve and Protect"...funny. Despite the length of the flick (almost 2 1/2 hours long) I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. The boy feel asleep for the last 45 minutes which amazed me because it was so loud in the theatre my ears were bleeding. I tried to wake him up a couple of times just to make sure he really wanted to sleep, and I wasn't too concerned - he got a good eyeful during the time he was awake. So, a good time was had by all.

Now, maybe I'm turning into a crusty old codger who is out of touch with reality but let's see what 2.5 hours in a movie theater cost me. Tickets for two adults, a 7-year old and a 3-year old - three small popcorn, three small soft drinks, a box of Glosettes and a bag of Swedish berries. SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS?!?!?

This is my vanity site - the site with my name on it where my employer, my clients, headhunters, and the tax man all end up when they google the name "Stephan Hoppe", so generally I really try to keep the content kind of safe and family friendly, but really...Famous Players Theaters and the MPAA can kiss my ASS. For $75 I could have BUILT the kids their very own Transformer. I could have had Josh Duhamel over for coffee (Patti would like that.) OK Famous Players, you got me though your doors once, you saw my small kids, saw that you had them hooked and then proceeded to bend me over and...take my wallet (let's say.) But those kids are not going to see the inside of a Famous Players Theater again until they have kids. That $75 is the last dollar you'll ever get from my family. From now on, I'll download a torrent and play it on my home theater and the experience will be equal if not better and I'll at least be able to pause the movie for bathroom breaks and turn the volume down to a tolerable level.

My Unwilling Profligacy
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