A panoramic pic taken from the rail at the rear of the Ruby Princess last January 2015.

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Puppy Love

I bought a Canon Powershot A630 from Best Buy earlier this week. I've been on the hunt for a new camera since last summer, when I decided to "get back into photography" after a 15 year hiatus This roughly corresponds with my interest in computers - that is, I became interested in computers and lost interest in photography. (Let's now see if the inverse becomes true.)

In October I bought a Kodak P880 for $100 more than this Canon costs. Being a super zoom, it was a little bigger which I initially thought was nice, and zoomed a little more than this Canon. It created photos with excellent colour, but you had to flip the flash up yourself and I couldn't stand the LCD viewfinder. In December, the Kodak developed some mechanical glitches and I guess that was the clincher for returning it. So since December, I've been on the lookout for the perfect camera (for me.)

It's only been a few days, I'll admit but I've gotten to know this camera really well since I sleep with it under my pillow every night. (and I know what you're thinking - bad grammar or big pillow HAHAHA) I love this Canon. I love it because it has 8 megapixels I takes four AA batteries - I can use alkalines if I wish or NiMH. It came with a hi-speed 2g SD card (which is nice). It has voice annotation, a large 2.5" LCD back screen that articulates, like a camcorder's does - If I flip the camera for vertical orientation, that LCD panel flips too! If I win the lottery I can purchase additional lenses for the camera, just like with an SLR. The macro is mind-blowing. I can get as close as 1 centimeter to my macro subjects!


But mostly, I love this Canon for the panoramic shots it takes. I don't know how it does it (I actually exactly know - it's just a figure of speech) but this little Powershot A630 takes the most impressive panoramic shots with almost no effort - certainly no more effort than taking regular pictures. So, I'm looking forward to redeveloping my photographic skills and creating some cool panoramics.

Puppy Love
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