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Hey, it's possible...

"my hard drive..."

Like many others these days, I do all of my banking online. I enjoy the fact that it allows me 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week access to my finances (or lack of them). Recently though I was doing my standard banking - writing credit card cheques to cover credit card payments on other credit cards, when I noticed a small dollar discrepancy in one of the accounts. No sooner did I notice this, when the entire PC (running Windows) crashed on me. (first time ever!)


As an IT specialist, the first thing I did was shake my monitor vigorously. After I was done breaking the monitor I made a note in my Palm Pilot to purchase a new one, then I picked up the phone and made a call-for-support to the crack IT team at my local bank. After several hours on hold, "Bob" picked up. He apologized in advance for sounding tired; apparently his Mom forgot his chocolate milk before nap time, so he was suffering from "low mental sugars". I made a mental note to write an email to the bank congratulating them on the success of their cost-cutting measures with respect to technical support - just as soon as Bob and I had my PC back up and running.


Now, I'm an expert, but unfortunately I don't know it all. That's why I need the Bobs of the world. Luckily Bob did know it all - he let me know this fact many times during our diagnosis, and, after a time and by putting our heads together, we finally had a solution to my computer woes. And, what kind of PC experts would we be if we didn't share the benefit of our knowledge and "learnins" with you, the great anonymous internet masses?


The problem was that a small amount of money got stuck (to use a technical term) during one of my many funds transfers from one debt account to another. And stuck pretty good judging by the way it jammed up my machine. Luckily I had noticed the funds discrepancy just before the crash or we might have been diagnosing this issue for some time. As it was, Bob said I only had to open up my hard drive and remove the stuck funds. Bob would handle the reconciling of said monies at his end.


The drive came out of the PC easy enough, and within minutes I had my 200 gig SATA beauty in the palm of my hand. It's pretty full of extremely vital documents, moderately sinful images and videos, and of course, my banking information, so with such important data I didn't want to make a mistake so I took it out to my garage to perform the delicate work. I've included pictures so you can do this too if stuck funds ever happen to you.


First, I removed the 6 screws holding the two halves of the drive together. Then I used my trusty screw driver to pry the two sides apart. I could have swore I heard the sucking sound of a vacuum seal breaking, but we all know that hard drives spinning in a vacuum is a myth. Prying the sides apart I could see the money in there but the drive wouldn't come apart all the way allowing me to reach it. I decided to remove the controller to see if there were any other screws holding the drive together.


Unfortunately I broke one of the connectors while removing the board, but it was no matter as I own lots of glue and tape. Once the controller was away, I couldn't really see any screws on that end so I started scraping those useless silver stickers off here and there to see if there were any screws underneath, and sure enough, I found one or two! But still, after giving the whole drive a serious "look-see" from every angle, it still wouldn't come apart.


This was getting frustrating. After fiddling a little more, I finally was able to finesse the unit apart with my pry bar. There was a bit of a snap as I separated the halves - it looks like I did forget to undo at least one screw! ha ha. In any event, there it was! My 10 bucks! And as an added bonus, I found I could see myself in the drive platters - you know, they are just like little, shiny, round, mirrors.     


So, after admiring myself for a time in my new mirror, I put everything back together, wrapped the whole thing up with duct tape, and carefully collected and discarded all of the extra parts. (so as not to make a mess) I reinstalled the drive in the machine and ... well ... I'm typing this out to you aren't I? Success is a sweet thing.

If you decide to give this a shot, then take my advice: Save some time and skip the screwdriver; proceed straight to the pry bar.

Hey, it's possible...
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