A nice partial panorama (just 5 shots stitched together) of the beach at Sanibel Island - Dec 2010.

Des Informations, des Idées, et des Opinions Suspectes - rarement mises à jour et de qualité douteuse.

How I made this site.

To make the template for this page, I used WeBuilder (an HTML editor,) which is very good IMHO.

Once it was done, I ported it over to Thingamablog (a desktop blogging tool,) which I will now use for any further content updates. I use Thingamablog A LOT because it saves me so much time on site creation and maintenance. It's simple to use and it is almost infinitely customizable. Though it's billed as a blog creator, I can easily make sites that don't even look like blogs at all if I wish. It even has an RSS news reader and file transfer functionality built right in.

If you want to create a site (or blog) fast, and maintain it with ease, give these two programs a try.

How I made this site.
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