A roughly 150 degree handheld panoramic shot of the Acropolis which is like 150 years old or something like that. - May 2016.

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fifteen year old writes a poem

When words will wallop with
Similar sounding syllables
And an auditory aesthetic

There’s a million different types of hyperbole
Exaggeration of the most vital sentences
Without them, the poem would bore us to tears

When poems cause the Sun to smile
And the wind to dance
And the darkness to embrace us

Words that sound like what they mean
Guns go BANG! Bees go BUZZ.
Bacon SIZZLES in hot pans

When words escape our lips, they swirl around
Cascading down the backs of our minds
In effortless waves of curiosity and excitement

Running out of time
I have ten cents, we call that a dime
My poems are so rad, that I’m committing a crime

*mic drop*


fifteen year old writes a poem
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