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Oh look! Smooth, shiny, and round raspberries!

Ow, my tummy hurts...

August 2 - Omemee Ride Redux: Since attempting this ride last week, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. The views were just so varied; the weather was perfect. Today looked good too, so this morning at 10AM I set out again to try the 50km round trip ride to Omemee along the TransCanada Trail.

My route is as it was last week: from my house, I head about 2 kilometres towards downtown Peterborough. From George St. south, I head west on McDonnel St. until I hook up with the Rotary Trail towards Jackson Park, which marks the start of the real ride for me. Jackson Creek, flowing from Cavan Swamp to downtown Podunk, dominates the park's 49 hectares of woods, waters, roadways, and trails, and the bike trail I ride on follows this creek closely for several kilometres. It's no doubt one of the reasons the landscape is so lush and varied. And even though it's a couple of hundred metres out of my way, I do like to start my 'real' ride from Jackson Park's unique pagoda-style bridge.

All along the route, there are many possible detours and little paths to the creek.

You don't have to go very far from Jackson Park to find some isolated little spot along the water to relax by.

The path is straight and level, and made up of crushed gravel (screenings.) My tires really like this stuff. It is a very easy ride. You get to cross over and under quite a few bridges. I'd say roughly 8 over and 6 under...

That's one GIGANTIC and GARGANTUAN Willow tree, eh?

Man, if I didn't feel like a bike ride, I could easily come here with a canoe.

Oh look! Smooth, shiny, and round raspberries! (My mistake. They were actually poisonous.)

This part, where the trails crosses Fife's Bay/Ackison Road, marks the start of the best (most isolated) part of the ride.

As I said before - one great view...

...after another.

Here I stop to erect an Inukshuk to mark my way along the trail. Inukshuk is a French word that means "to honour our Spanish heritage" but in English translates into an unprintable profanity...

There were lot's of people on the big bridge today (Ontario Civic Holiday) so that meant lots of people to take pictures of me with my camera. (I only pick people who I think I could easily chase down if they tried to take off with my camera. The guy who this picture however was pretty fit. I decided to trust him.)

Another AWESOME view.

It's difficult to get that picture that accurately captures the majesty of what you see from that bridge. I didn't exactly do it here.

Nope, that's not it either...

...or this. Crap!

But the beautiful landscapes never seem to end.

Ah, here I went a little bit off-trail to my favourite type of Ontario scenery - the hardscrabble rock and sandy soil over exposed Canadian shield. I know. You're thinking what I am thinking: "Who left all these shields here anyway?" It's sort of like when you see a cow grazing placidly in a pasture somewhere and you think: "How can I stun that thing, slit its throat and then drag it back to the mini-van without the farmer seeing me?" It's like thinking like that, but not really.

Beaver Dam.

'nother bridge.

I've got this thing for barns lately. They've got lots of 'character.'

And finally (because I stopped to take pictures like, THIRTY times) I arrived at the Omemee Municipal Park and Public Bathrooms (I'm not kidding - that's what all the signs say.) I swear to god, those municipal bathrooms had the worst tasting water I ever had.

That was one way - 25 kilometres. It took me roughly two hours with all the stopping. I made it back in less than an hour and fifteen minutes. It was a nice easy level ride on a hot sunny day. There probably won't be a next time, but if there was I'd bring more than one bottle of water and two apples! Man, what a ride though. If you ever get the chance, try to do this. These pics are also up on my Picasa page with higher resolution.

Oh look! Smooth, shiny, and round raspberries!
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