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Ellie, the promising new author

...she's a regular Wilbur Shakespeare...

graphic of a mailbox

Accident Report
"Mail Monster"
Me and my cousin Stephanie were having fun watching movies all morning until my Aunt Karen demanded us to go outside for some fresh air. She gave us some ideas, like going for a walk, or playing with the neighbors. Of course we had to agree, we did need exercise. I walked upstairs and grabbed my coat and boots. Then, we went outside and ran to the edge of the road. Then, looking both ways before crossing. Just then, Stephanie noticed that the flag on the mailbox was up.
I marched over impatiently and looked inside. I took out the mail and gave it to my cousin and walked back over and put down the flag. We were gonna walk around the block a few times, and finally we were able to continue our walk. We walked around and talked a lot. Until we got tired and could only do one more block. To pass time, I made a few jokes and Stephanie laughed. Until I finally could see her mailbox with the flag up.
Stephanie said to me: "I wonder why it's up again."
I ignored her. I was so excited that I ran up to it with my eyes shut. More mail! I could hear my cousin in the distance saying "Open your eyes, Ellie." I didn't care, I thought. What could go wrong? Just then a hard object slammed against my face - BANG! I screamed. My nose was bleeding a little. My cousin ran up to me and said, "Are you OK?"
"I'm fine." I said. Just then I heard my Aunt and Mom coming outside and wondering what happened. Stephanie reached into her pocket and took out the mail from the mailbox, and giggled.
"What?" I asked.
"It's the same mail." she replied.
"No new mail?"
"No new mail." she replied.
I frowned. My family carried me inside and cleaned me up. "Sorry for breaking your mailbox." I said.
"It was getting old, anyway." my aunt replied.
I had to sit on the couch and watch movies for the rest of the day. When one of the movies was over I put my hands on my nose and forehead and laughed. I probably looked ridiculous. I've hated mailboxes ever since.
Ellie, the promising new author
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