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Johnny Depp and Technology

Eduardo Dedos de Tijera

Last year, the kids and I watched the movie: Edward Scissorhands together. There's this one part where Edward tried to make a phone call and gets a busy signal. Ellie asked: "What's that sound?" She didn't know what it was. So, it looks like busy signals have gone the way of typewriters and reheating food on the stove.

Thank you for choosing  Dell.  This is Edward speaking...

After the movie, Nik drew some pictures of Edward Scissorhands and then asked me to cut them out for him. I dutifully cut out his pictures and then had a thought. I said, "Hang on a sec." I slipped the pics under my flatbed scanner and scanned them into Photoshop. Then I quickly arranged them into a single sheet and printed them out on the laser printer. Finally I gave him the printout and then stood back feeling satisfied. He looked at the sheet and said: Why did you do THAT?

5-year olds have no appreciation for technology.

Johnny Depp and Technology
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