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I Recall...

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Looking back at my childhood in the late 60's and early 70's, this was a time in which not I, not anyone in my family, not anyone I knew, and none of my schooolmates were at all overweight. You just didn't see very many hugely obese people anywhere. The grossly bloated and obese people you see so commonly today were a total rarity at that time. The cause of so much of today's obesity is only now fairly obvious to me; you have only to take a walk through your local grocery store, pay attention to the products at the fast food restaurants (can you find anything that isn't fried/breaded/carb loaded??), and look at the typical modern diet: grains grains grains at every meal, high carbs at every meal, loads of sugar and high fructose corn syrup (in virtually everything processed), yet little protein, few vegetables (french fries don't count as a vegetable!), not enough fat, and not enough fruit. We are overloading ourselves with pure junk food from morning to night, most of it almost totally deficient in nutrients. My diet growing up was not like this.

Growing up, my mother cooked meat and fairly minimal amounts of simple carbs such as potatoes or rice, but lots of vegetables and fruits. We rarely had pop (occasional treat only), and desserts such as cakes or pies were both homemade and infrequent. We didn't have snack foods such as chips, crackers, or cookies in the house therefore we couldn't munch on junk between meals. If we whined for a snack we'd get an apple. Or cheese. There were a lot fewer breakfast cereals, just Corn Flakes, Weet-A-Bix, Rice Krispies, etc., but they were consumed in small amounts and not so full of sugar and chemicals. (though I loved Cap'n Crunch; I think that my parents let me have it twice in ten years.) Take a good look at the cereal aisle of today's grocery store: dozens and dozens of cereals, (very heavily-marketed-to-children and very profitable by the way) most of them pure junk and chock full of sugar and chemicals. And now they are not only eaten for breakfast, they are also "anytime-of-day" snack foods.

So now at age 43, I can recall how I used to eat as a kid and teen, but my kids have never had the contrast and they think the foods they eat today are as it has always been and how it should be. They are nutritionally illiterate, and it is shameful that I am doing such a terrible job as a parent to educate them.

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I Recall...
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