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Today, I learned how to tie my shoes

This is incredible.

shoe laces

I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit it but today I finally learned how to tie my shoes. Until today I had no idea that I didn't already know how. Oh sure, I thought I knew how to tie them as far back as 1985 but as it turns out when it comes to shoelace tying (as Sergeant Schultz would say,) "I know NO-THING!" It turns out that all these years I have been tying my shoes with a granny knot when I should have been using a reefer knot. What motivated me to investigate this? My shoes always come undone on me no matter what the shoes (even shoes without laces! :-) and I always have to double-tie them. Double-tying works OK but can be a pain when it comes time to untie your shoes. Now, thanks to the Internet, I know how to tie my shoes! Yay!

Rather than lord it over all of you who still don't know how, I will share the secret. Check this out.

Isn't that amazing?! FYI, even more efficient is the Ian knot, which is billed as the quickest way to tie shoes and which seems to result in a perfect reefer knot! I've already mastered this knot and like it even better than the reefer! I think it was well worth the 5 minutes (Ok - 2 hours) it took to learn how to tie an Ian knot...

Now, both of you who are reading this are probably a little skeptical. I was too so I did a simple test at work. I have to wear steel-toe safety shoes, the ones with the with the round and infernally slippery laces; they are the perfect "test" shoe...so what I did was yesterday I simply tied the left shoe in a reefer knot and the right shoe in a granny knot. The results? Within 2 hours the granny knot came undone, and over the course of the next few hours it again came undone a total of three more times. And the reefer knot on my left shoe? It didn't come undone once. After 4 hours I discontinued the test because getting that close to my shoes...well, the smell was just too much for me, but the test results prove it. The Ian/Reefer knot rules!

Today, I learned how to tie my shoes
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