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HP Sucks

but then again nowadays, who doesn't?

I bought my main home desktop PC from HP as a refurbished unit 4 years ago for $800. It's got 3 gigs of RAM (now), SATA drives, a hyper-threaded CPU, lots of "us-bee" ports on 'de outside - it's still a pretty good box I think, certainly no longer great, but good enough for me definitely. It came with XP Home and I just left that right there where it was.

Recently, I upgraded it to Windows 7 and one of the first things I got was a message saying that my onboard video didn't have enough guts to run the cool new "Aero" interface. Well, Patti's got Aero-something-or-other on her Vista laptop and it's pretty neat and I'm sure I would like like it, so I thought "No problem. I've got a nice video card lying around that I never bothered to put in. I'll just stick that in now." I remove the side panel on the HP box and...there is no slot for video...meaning there's no AGP port, no PCI-Express slot - NOTHING. The entire board has got just 3 PCI slots with two spots taken! I can even see the solder points on the board where the AGP port would be if it had one, but there is nothing there! What kind of fiddle-faddle PC company makes a tower PC that you can't even upgrade the onboard video?!

What HP has done, by skipping this 25-cent part is they've planned and designed obsolescence right into the box.

I have to laugh at how scummy and transparent their strategy is, as well as the fact that it took me 4 years to notice!

Fuck you, HP!

HP Sucks
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