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Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 6 (Last Day)

Day 6.

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It is the morning of Day 6. Yesterday started off well enough, but I ate way too little, did too much, and I forgot to drink water. All I had in the morning was one bowl of cabbage soup. By 3PM I felt like something was a little wrong. I was pretty dizzy and I felt like I was having slight heart palpitations. As a quasi-emergency measure, I stopped at a McDonalds and pulled the meat and cheese out of a McDouble and ate that (and threw the rest away. As I picked that buger apart I had the uneasy feeling that this behaviour could be the beginnings of an eating disorder...) What a mistake that burger meat was because Holy Cow, is McDonald's meat ever salty! It's definitely not 100% beef. I'll bet it's only 75% beef and 25% salt. Then I continued home with my groceries and had my 10oz steak and 3 tomatoes. I felt much better after that. My wife had a good point on the dizziness though. I take a huge cocktail of vitamins each day including some pretty stimulating stuff like Gingko Biloba and Ginger, which together with my empty stomach may have contributed to my problems. And overall I think I should have taken it more easy. I shouldn't have worked out the day before. I mean, it's one thing if you are on this diet while sitting in a hospital bed waiting for surgery, quite another if you are running around town and exercising at the gym.

And then later in the day disaster struck in the form of an Xmas party at a friend's place. I had two kickers and about 6oz of super-salty hors d'ouvres. Man, I tried to resist but there was a spread of tasty food and everybody was telling me to eat. I got home later in the evening and had one more tomato before bed.

Earlier this morning I woke up and I could immediately tell I was retaining water. I think that's the secret of the CSD. Because there is absolutely no salt in it, you end up shedding retained water until you start eating salt again, as I did yesterday afternoon and last night. As I feared, the scale this morning showed a 3 pound gain. I'm now back up to 208.5.

OK, so here's the thing. There's another Xmas party tonight at my in-laws. One thing I can say about them is that they can cook! I can't bear the thought of fasting in a corner all night trying to ignore what promises to be a HUGE banquet-y feast...so...I'm quitting the CSD. Actually I already quit about 45 minutes ago, I just scrambled up three eggs, topped them with Tabasco and plopped them on top of a piece of a rye bread with a chunk of cheese on the side. And I can't tell you how good real food tasted after 6 days; let me just say the orgasm wasn't entirely unexpected...

December 15 - 217 lbs.
December 16 - 212 lbs.
December 17 - 211 lbs.

December 18 - 208.5 lbs.
December 19 - 205.5 lbs.
December 20 - 208.5 lbs.

Total Weight lost in 6 days: 8.5 pounds

I'm going to continue to track my weight here for the next few days or so, so you can see my "rebound weight" as I add real food back into my diet again. I'll also give you my overall impressions of the diet this second time around as well as my final recommendation. Thanks for reading.

Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 6 (Last Day)
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