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Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 3

Day Three.

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Steph's workplace.

Yesterday was definitely tougher than Day 1. Eating vegetables for breakfast was not the greatest and I can't believe I am already sick of the soup. I only managed to choke down two bowls yesterday. But like I said before, it's mostly mind over matter and this morning's scale reading shows another pound lost. If I can just make it to 208 or 209 by the end of day six then I will consider the whole thing a complete success.

Today, I can have unlimited soup and unlimited vegetables but no potatoes, beans, peas, or corn. I can also have unlimited fruit except for bananas. Thank goodness for that. It means I can have a couple of apples for breakfast instead of sweet potatoes. I don't know why the order of what you eat from day to day is the way it is - I suspect that a lot of it has to do with the fact that people like to have rigid formulas to follow. The more inflexible the rules, the less likely people are to stray from them. Because I can't see any reason to force vegetables one day and fruit the next except for perhaps to "break the sweet tooth." I have an evil sweet tooth. I can take or leave chips and pretzels, but I have a hard time walking away from anything with sugar in it. When I was a kid I was putting white sugar on my Kraft Dinner when other kids were slathering on the ketchup (which is also almost pure sugar, but that's for another day...) I am ashamed to say that I STILL sometimes put sugar on my KD. So the first time I did the Cabbage Soup Diet I was surprised to notice my sweet tooth (and my starch tooth for that matter) kind of "fall out." Like I said before, I think the Cabbage Soup Diet is a great kick-start to a longer-term lifestyle change.

I also wonder: why so much cabbage? Maybe there is something special in cabbage beside whatever it is that gives you the explosive gas.

Me at work: Hey, everybody, I'm on the Cabbage Soup Diet!

Everybody else at work: Oh, we know...

December 15 - 217 lbs.
December 16 - 212 lbs.
December 17 - 211 lbs.


Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 3
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