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Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 2

Day Two.

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A picture of the veggies I am going to eat today.

Today I start Day 2 of the Cabbage Soup Diet. I won't say that Day 1 was particularly difficult but it was no walk in the park either. Though I was "hungry" at times throughout the day yesterday, I feel that for North Americans hunger is more a state of mind than an actual physiological condition. Most have us have never experienced real hunger or else it's been so long that we've completely lost touch with what true hunger feels like. When I was hungry yesterday, I simply tried to put it out of my mind because hell, this whole thing lasts only 7 days anyway.

For a couple of reasons, I didn't eat all that much yesterday. Something like 4 or 5 apples, 4 clementines, a pear, and three big bowls of my cabbage soup, plus about 1.5 litres of water, 2 black coffees and maybe three herbal teas. One reason I didn't eat a lot was there's not a lot of fruit I felt like eating yesterday. Bananas are my favourite fruit but yesterday they were off limits. And I didn't feel like spending money on blueberries and raspberries so I just stuck with what we had in the house. The second reason I didn't eat a lot was that I guess I am still sick of cabbage soup from the first time I did this diet. I mean, this recipe (with the Lipton Soup) is FAR superior to the original recipe I ate in May, but just the smell of it this time around kind of killed my appetite. Whatever, I still choked down three bowls. It's all short-term pain for long-term gain.

So, this morning I got the scale and whoa! - 212 lbs.! A 5 pound drop in one day! Now, I am fully aware of the realities of this reading. There is no way I could have lost that much in 24 hours, but to paraphrase the Hacker's Diet: "the amount of solids passing through your body in a given day is positively dwarfed by the water that moves through - almost 12 pounds of water moves in and out of your body each day." That explains much of my daily variance in weight. That, and the fact that it turns out that the weight of a live human body is a notoriously difficult thing for a home scale to measure. Apparently, the fact that we move, wiggle, and sway while on the scale, coupled with the fact that the scale may not be on a level or rigid surface, means that on even a good home scale the weight readings can be off by as much as three pounds plus or minus. So all that said, I could have lost 2 pounds of water yesterday (due to my markedly reduced salt intake) plus there could have been a 3 pounds scale error. Whatever! 212 is still 212. That's a powerful motivator for me as I move into Day 2.

Today, I can have unlimited soup and unlimited vegetables including potatoes, but no beans, peas, or corn. No fruit. This will be an easier day for me than yesterday was because I like most vegetables. As you can see from the picture, today I plan on eating 1 to 3 bowls of the soup, plus I happen to have a carrot and rutabaga mash, some sweet potato, some raw celery and carrot and cauli and and broc, plus some barbecued eggplant. (I'm trying to stay on the complex side of the carbohydrates as much as possible.) Can't wait to see what scale reading tomorrow brings!

December 15 - 217 lbs.
December 16 - 212 lbs.


Cabbage Soup Diet - Part 2
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