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H1N1 Disgrace

The Canadian Medical Community's handling of the H1N1 Flu crisis is a complete disgrace.

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Despite my almost frantic searching for clear and concise information and resources so I would be able to act quickly in the best interests of my children, I felt confounded at every turn by the idiotic medical establishment. Here's my timeline of what I experienced:

  • In early October, the media reports that vaccine manufacture has been ramped up and there will be plenty of vaccine for everybody in Canada who wants it. Clinic locations and hours are announced.
  • Two weeks later, even though flu season is well underway, there is a shortage of vaccine and so healthy children must wait while the most at risk children get their shots.
  • A healthy kid in Toronto dies in four days of H1N1.
  • A week later they finally open up the clinics to the public. I plan on going to get my kids vaccinated in 4 days time.
  • Two days later, before the public clinics even open, the vaccine shortage is again so acute, they re-close the clinics to the public! I think to myself, "screw it" and decide I will punch my way through a legion of medical staff if necessary to get vaccines for my kids.
  • As I originally planned, the following Monday I arrive at the clinic just 30 minutes after opening. I am expecting line ups. There is nobody there. Actually there are about 10 people in front of me. I decide to play it stupid. The staff asks me if my kids are high risk and I say, "I dunno. My wife said bring 'em in, so I brought 'em in...I don't even believe in this H1N1 malarkey anyhow..." Because I used the word "malarkey" they think I'm Irish so they must immediately realize it's pointless to challenge me with difficult questions - I just won't know the answers. This plus the fact that there is nobody in the clinic makes it hard for them in good conscience to turn my kids away. They get their shot.
  • Much to my kids chagrin (to my daughter's terror actually) we all learn that they will need to come back in 21 days for another shot. They are very clear about this. If we don't get the second shot, then the first shot is wasted. The kids won't be properly immunized.
  • The hospital is Peterborough, Ontario instructs family physicians to clear their schedules each day from 3PM onwards. The plan is to divert patients from the overwhelmed emergency room at the hospital to their family doctor. When I heard of this, I thought it was a great idea. Apparently the doctor's didn't. They went home, they went on vacation, or they just plain did not clear their rosters as instructed.
  • Despite my own experience, I am seeing on TV long line-ups for flu shots, yet when the posted clinic closing hours come, the clinics still close! In any other industry if there was an emergency, you would expect them to work extended hours, but when 6PM comes for these doctor's and nurses, they go home. In fact, I understand that many doses of vaccine went to waste because they are packaged in multiples. The needle givers would open a package and not use it up before closing the clinic!
  • Concerns arise over the safety, dosage, everything to do with the vaccine. There is no coherent and definitive information to be found anywhere. Not even at the Health Canada web site.
  • Now, the Peterborough County Health Unit reports that kids no longer need the second dose of vaccine... or they do ...or they don't. I've read the fucking document three times and I can't figure out whether or not my healthy 6 and 9 year old children require the second dose or not!
  • I still haven't gotten my shot. I wanted everyone else in my family to have it first in case the vaccine turned everyone into brain-eating zombies. I should have known better. My kids won't even eat peas, let alone brains...I'm ready for my shot now, and I think there is a clinic somewhere willing to give it to me, but flu season is almost over now...

As I get older, I can't escape the sneaking suspicion that despite the face they present to the world, the medical profession doesn't really have the answers for all but the most basic stuff; they don't even know what the hell they are doing. My experiences during this H1N1 scare only reinforces that.

H1N1 Disgrace
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