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Daily Diet Update

...or "Hupdate" as they say in Quebec...

A picture of Niagara Falls as it pertains to me peeing more.

This morning I weighed in at a new low - 213.5 lbs. The last time I weighed this little there was still a Czechoslovakia, Kim Campbell was Prime Minister of Canada, and Whitney Houston was at the top of the charts. I was surprised to see I had dropped so low because I thought I was adhering to my "dietary maintenance mode." But a lot of water moved through me yesterday, maybe that is the reason. Still, this is a good opportunity to examine my daily diet by looking at what I ate and drank yesterday:

6AM: One scoop of VegeGreens (equivalent to 12 servings of vegetables!) in 6oz of Bolthouse "Green Goodness" juice. I'll tell you that juice is like a liquid version of the VegeGreens powder so I figure I'm getting a double-dose. It's super thick going down. Not a bad sensation, but not great either. Also two Progressives "Prostate Armour" multi-vitamins, and (now I've added) one Ginkgo-Biloba tablet, one teaspoon of Omega-3 fish oil; two black coffees.

8:00AM: 4 oz of "hi-fat" Astro Balkan style yogurt with a handful of dried raisins, another of craisins, some whole almonds, and a little brown sugar.

9:30AM: An apple, and an herbal tea (Apple-Mango I think.) A wedge of home-made pan-baked cornbread leftover from the weekend. I'm putting the recipe up here because man, it turned out pretty awesome.

12:00PM: A salad with Italian dressing, a container of fruit from the local grocery deli - strawberries and kiwi, a scoop of protein whey powder in 8oz. of water, plus another 500 ml of water, and three fig newtons. I find I need to be careful here and eat lunch slowly because I get full faster now and I find that if I eat too fast I get over-full and feel bloated for the rest of the day...Another Ginkgo-Biloba.

1:00PM: a container of fresh pineapple chunks I brought from home.

4:00PM: Got home feeling really hungry, and I think I see why now. It's because I missed my 2:30PM snack. So I ended up dangerously grazing - a few slices of genoa salami, a few dates, a handful wasabi peas, a beer. This type of eating and drinkng can quickly get out of hand, so I try to avoid it.

6:00PM: Patti made a terrific ground beef, rice, and cabbage thing. Out of respect for my need for a smaller dinner than lunch, she gave me a nice and small portion. I dumped some Tabasco on it and devoured it. It was so good, I had a hard time refusing seconds, but I will get to have it again today for lunch.. Yay! I also had a large glass of water. And one more Progressive multi-vitamin, two garlic pills, and a magnesium pill, and my third (and last for the day) Gingko-Biloba.

8:00PM: It was not a workout day today which was good because I was feeling slightly worn out from working out. I had two herbal teas.

12:00AM: The dreaded insomnia. After lying in bed for an hour trying to fall asleep, I got up and made myself a chamomille tea. I swear, there is something to drinking chamomille if you can't sleep...I ended up fast asleep by 1AM.

I must have gotten up three times throughout the night to pee, which is part of aging I guess and also from my unusually high liquid intake for the day. I weighed myself at my usual time this morning around 5:30AM and came in at the aforementioned 213.5. Today, I will try to make sure to have something between 2:30PM and 3PM.

Daily Diet Update
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