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Satisfying Daily Dietary Needs

Wow, upon review I think my diet has gotten pretty darn good lately!

Every time I have a piece of fruit at work, if there is a sticker, I save it.

As you know, I am currently in "weight maintenance" mode, trying to hover around the 215 pound mark over the winter with plans to possibly drop another 5 pounds come spring when I can get the bicycle back out and the weight loss comes more easily.

For daily food intake, I find that it's more difficult to achieve balance when I am taking in almost a third less calories per day than I was historically. I have to be careful about my food selections because I have first hand experience as to what happen when you miss on some basic element of nutrition - hair loss, fatugue, depression are all consequences of ignoring my need for a well-balanced diet each and every day. At least watching my diet this closely means I can fall off the wagon on occasion (mostly by boozing it up with friends) without suffering any ill effects. Here's my daily diet regimen as of November 10th.

6AM: One scoop of VegeGreens (equivalent to 12 servings of vegetables!) in 8oz of orange juice; two Progressives "Prostate Armour" multi-vitamins with no iron and tons of B; one teaspoon of Omega-3 fish oil; one black coffee, plus one more black coffee with a teaspoon of Organic Cocoa Powder (brain stimluating)

8:30AM: 4 oz of "hi-fat" home-made yogurt with a handful of dried fruit and nuts. (I often alternate the yogurt with oatmeal, weetabix, raisin bran, etc. And often I substitute dal mix for fruit, and seeds for nuts - for variety.)

10:30AM: One scoop of protein whey powder in 8oz. of water (25 grams of protein) plus an apple.

12 Noon: A normal lunch entree, usually leftovers from the previous nights dinner. This is my biggest meal of the day. I try to keep the simple carbs down and ensure that all fats present are natural. I also try to make sure there is some vegetable present. Lunch is always accompanied with at least 500 ml of water, plus a couple of pieces of various fruit. And If I am going to satisfy my sweet tooth, I do it now.

2:30PM: Another scoop of protein whey powder in 8oz. of water.

5:30PM: A normal family dinner like pizza or meat- potato and veg, stew with bread, etc. I keep the portion size smaller than it was at lunch. I accompany the meal with lots of water. (> 500ml) I skip dessert. I take one more Progressive multi-vitamin.

8:00PM: If it is a workout day, I have a third scoop of protein whey powder in 8oz. of water immediately post-workout, otherwise I defer it until bedtime, but I often forget at bedtime. Workout day or not, I always have a decaffeinated herbal tea, but lately I have been trying green tea (matcha tea actually. It's supposed to be a brain stimulant but it's super expensive) and snack on a handful of wasabi peas, or dark chocolate or something else small - maybe 2oz. max.

This diet has come gradually to me over the last six months. Upon review, I've decided that I am hitting everything pretty well! If I remember to add a glass of water here and there, then I can't really see see any place for imrprovement. I think that with rare exceptions I have pretty well trained myself not to eat or even desire to eat outside of this plan. I can tell you with authority that I now have excellent energy levels in the morning, and am able to maintain them pretty well throughout the day.

I do remember what I donut tastes like though. I kind of miss them...

Satisfying Daily Dietary Needs
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