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I did not lose weight that rapidly...

...but rapidly enough that I started losing my hair!

Hacker's Diet trend chart showing weight loss.

Since May 12, I've lost 55 pounds. That's 138 days or just about 20 weeks. That works out to just 2.75 pounds per week. Hardly revolutionary. Seems like a nice rate of weight loss to me. If I go further and remove my first and last week of dieting from this equation (because I've always been bothered that the scale shows I lost 8.5 pounds in the first week - how is that even possible?) then I've gone from 263 to 223, which is 2.2 pounds per week. And I do believe that is the perfect healthy level of weight loss advocated by diet experts.

But I have noticed (and others have noticed too) that I have lost a lot of hair in the last 8 weeks. After panicking for a while, I investigated and discovered that I am not getting enought protein in my diet, especially since I am working out pretty intensively several times per week now. Related to this - I didn't realize it right away but in addition to the weight loss I have also been experiencing some muscle catabolism. I've been working out harder and actually losing muscle; my body is burning the muscle since I'm not getting anough protein. It's a vicious circle really because I responded to the muscle loss by working out even harder without adjusting my diet to cope. Other indicators of protein deficiency that I didn't see at the time but are plain to me now are that my knees suddenly started making crunchy sounds after a hard workout, as well as generalized fatigue all of the time. Plus I haven't made any real training gains in several weeks, especially with my push ups.

Initially, the cornerstone of my diet plan was that everything I eat was to be all natural. I wasn't going to take any supplements. But I have realized that this is simply impossible. The general consensus is that a person needs 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. So for me, I need greater than 200 grams of protein per day. Luckily, I have been tracking my calories eaten per day and I can see that I have been lucky if I eat 80 g of protein per day, despite the fact that I have doubled my intake of fish, sardines, and red meat.

So now I have added three scoops per day of whey protein to my diet (one of those scoops immediately post-workout,) as well as a big, fat, stinky, multivitamin three times per day, plus a teaspoon of Norwegian fish oil once per day. It's been only two days so far, but the difference has already been amazing! I'm already feeling such a boost in energy that I know I'm on the right track.

I'm really looking forward to the return of the lost hair too.

I did not lose weight that rapidly...
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