This was taken likely a couple of years after we started renovating. :-P I will never cut into a concrete wall ever again.

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And you all thought I was crazy...

And you may not be wrong...

Well, as Britney says: "You think I'm crazy? - I GOT your crazy." NOW BEHOLD THE WONDER, THE MAJESTY, AND THE AWESOME POWER OF HOPPE MOUNTAIN! (And let's not think about the huge legal liability it represents by my letting the neighbourhood kids use it.) Here's some background:

  • 1945: World War II ends.
  • 1960: Health Canada approves sale of the birth control pill.
  • 1966: Stephan Hoppe is born anyway and he immediately resolves that after he grows up, he will make a snow mountain for his children each winter.
  • 1967 - 2008: Ontario's aggravating winters - consisting of cycles of tropical snow-melt days alternating with brutal sub-zero conditions, combined with Stephan's own lack of physical conditioning, mean that year after year Hoppe Mountain only reaches heights of 6 or 7 feet or so. Despite the setbacks, each year Stephan continues to talk a big game to anyone who will listen...
  • October 2008 - January 2009: Stephan brings in his pinch-hitter - Uncle Pete, and barely 30 minutes after Uncle Pete starts throwing snow, Hoppe Mountain is connected to the roof of the house, and now for some reason the master bathroom ceiling has a crack you can fit your head into. (I call it: The Hoppe Crack)

Nik and I still haven't gone down Hoppe Mountain this year. Because we're scared. For different reasons. Nik is scared that he'll go so fast and so far that he'll sled straight into Hoppe River (the culvert that runs along the back of our property.) And I'm scared that because of my weight, if I go up there I'll end up seeing The Hoppe Crack from a whole different angle.

And here's Uncle Pete going down Hoppe Mountain.

And here's Nik. 5 years old. You'd think he'd know enough to wait until I say: "Go."

And you all thought I was crazy...
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