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I can't take it anymore...

I've been using Bell Sympatico for at least the past 9 years. Back before there was ever DSL, Patti and I had the first dial-up offering of Bell's - something like 10-hours per month for FREE that's right.) After a year or so of that we received a letter one day stating that our free account was no longer and from on we could pay $5 per month. And so it's gone over the years right up until the present day where we’re paying ~$50 per month for “up to” 5 MBps DSL internet access. Included with this access is 5MB of personal web space – a place to put a web page.

Now, you wouldn’t know it by hanging around here, but I am fairly familiar with the web, web spaces, and other personal things – certainly the concept of a personal web space is not strange to me. I used to have the web space going, but over the years I forgot the login information as I paid more attention to other domains I own.

Bell Canada totally SUCKS!

Anyway, (boy I can be so wordy!) since I moved to Peterborough, I’ve also noticed my access has been spotty and my speed has dwindled somewhat over what I was getting back in Sutton West. So I called 310-BELL for help and after not too much time I was connected to Peter in India. I wanted to find out from him how to get access to my personal web space. Actually, I’d already been able to intuit the host and username to use, I just needed him to reset the password for me. Right off, Peter would not help me until he first tried to sell me the new Sympatico Ultra-Hi-speed 7 MBps service. So, after listening to his spiel I said to him: “But Peter, my tests show I am only reliably getting speeds of around 1.9MBps...” So he “checked my line” and told me with regret that my tests were spot on – that in fact my phone line was only capable of delivering 2.4MBps max to me. Would I like to purchase the 7MBps anyway? So I said: “Rather than paying more for the 7MBps service, why don’t you instead drop me down to the 3 MBps service? I will then be getting the same 1.9MBps for about $20 less per month” Peter then said, “Sir, should you drop from the 5 MBps service to the 3MBps service, we will drop your line speed down from 1.9MBps to 1.1MBps…but if you buy the 7MBps package you get free security tools!”

That was so ludicrous I almost lost it at that point but I decided to at least finish the call by getting the personal web space thing worked out so that the call wasn’t a total waste. Peter dutifully looked into this situation and after a time said: “Your personal web space is already activated.” I said: “Very well then, please show me how to access it.” To which he replied: “You must consult with your local computer technician.” I said: “Peter, that statement is completely meaningless to me. What do you mean by my local computer technician?” But by this point, Peter had retreated into himself and resorted to simply chanting “I’m sorry…local computer technician” over and over, like some east-Indian Rainman. After a time, I realized I wouldn’t get anywhere (yet again) with this Bell tech support agent on this call so I thanked him for his time and wished him a wonderful day because after all – he’s just a guy with a job to do and a script to read – my problems are not his fault.

Thank you for choosing Bell India…

Let me say here that I have always been a grudging customer of Bell but at least I’ve been loyal. Their prices are not great, their DSL service is not the best and their tech support sucks to high heaven, but it’s easier to be complacent so I’ve never switched. But my last few interactions with Bell and this call in particular left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. Bell could care less about me. They seem to honestly have unlearned the simple concept that they exist solely because of me - that my remaining their customer is their privilege and not their right. And don’t they realize that out-sourcing customer service technicians and tech support to India is a really bad idea?! I don’t want to deal with poorly trained and incompetent east-Indians when I have problems with my Canadian telephone service, I want to deal with poorly trained and incompetent Canadians, dammit! It’s like Bell is literally telling me to screw off. I ask you - how could a so formerly grand company have become so clueless?

Don’t answer that. It was rhetorical, and Bell, screw you right back. I have finally cancelled my Sympatico 0.6 to 1.9MBps DSL service. My local cable provider is Cogeco and is in the top 10 nationally for Internet service speed so I’ve signed up for that. That’s $600 a year less you’ll be seeing. And just to make me feel a little less bad for taking your crap for so long, I’ve cancelled my POTS phone line as well. (Another $400.) Cogeco will give me the same quality line at with less headaches and less hassle. And I’ll now have Internet, Cable, and Phone on one single bill.

Bell Canada and Bell Mobility totally blow!

So to close this diatribe and for those of you contemplating the switch, I am regularly getting throughput on my Internet line now on the order of 8MBps!! Cogeco Customer Service are actual real live Canadians on Canadian soil (in Ottawa! How lovely to hear her crack her gum and pepper her dialogue with crutch words like “like” and “you know”.) I am satisfied with their cable package and am looking forward to the phone install, complete with rock-solid reliable service and 8-hour battery backup should the power go out.

Come to think of it, a wonderful Christmas present for me would be if someone – anyone – switched from Bell to anything else because of this article. I would love that. Just leave a comment and let me know about it.

I can't take it anymore...
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