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A Not-So-Easy-Rider

Well, I finally went and did it. I've named her Emelcee*; she has a pretty two-toned paint job and...that's all I know about motorcycles. The seller was kind enough to drive her to my home for me. I paid him, and then I raced out (in my car) to buy a helmet from Freak~N~Leather (who seem to have a new website - look at their URL - HAHAHA.) You can see by my new helmet that I'm tending more towards the outlaw look rather than the ultra-sissy European rider look - and now I'm in the market for a skull & crossbones decal for said helmet.

So as I said, I bought my helmet then raced home to learn myself how to drive a motorcycle since I am now a motorcyclist (that's what we call ourselves I'm sure - motorcyclists) The gears are something like "1-down, 4-up" whatever that means - I know where the clutch is and there is a little green light that tells me when I'm in neutral, and it's only a 750cc engine, so how powerful can it be? And what else do I need to know? Us motorcyclists aren't exactly known for doing rocket surgery. I get on the bike and barely manage to start it because I've never owned anything with a choke before and immediately realize that 750cc is a lot more powerful than I thought and now I know why girls like horses so much!

Since I don't have a license I drive down my driveway and all over my neighbour's front and backyard since they are away on holidays until the end of the month - I hope their grass grows back before they get home. I only dropped it twice which isn't bad since my crazy neighbour two-doors down almost killed himself in first gear. And now I'm waiting for JJ to come over so I can get some @#$#! pictures of me on the bike before I hurt myself...

I haven't been this excited in a long time.

*Emelcee = MLC = Mid-Life Crisis

Read more about my baby: the KZ 750 LTD

A Not-So-Easy-Rider
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