The SloMoGuys used a 4K camera to film ink in a fish tank.  Pausing the video and taking a screen cap at that resolution allowed for a pretty nice pic!

Informationen, Ideen und Meinungen, die nicht vertrauenswürdig sind - selten aktualisiert und von zweifelhafter Qualität.

No-charge One-Million-Dollar-Ideas (if you share with me)

I've been told that men are hard-wired to conceptualize maps and directions from a birds-eye view, as a traditional map is designed for, while women have more of a ground-level perspective, sort of like the directions that Google Maps gives out. This is why a woman will say: "West?! Is that left or right?"

I won't get into the superiority of the former system over the latter, but if someone could figure out a map with more of a grounds-eye view perspective, with perhaps compass points of "Up, Down, Left and Right" instead of North, South, East, and West...why, they'd likely make a million dollars!

Note: Stephan Hoppe reserves all rights on One-Million-Dollar-Ideas. Stephan has about one One-Million-Dollar-Idea per week, but lacks the skill, energy, or inclination to do anything with his ideas. It is hoped that by merely expressing his One-Million-Dollar-Idea on the Internet, that should one of Stephan Hoppe's One-Million-Dollar-Ideas actually come to fruition, since the person executing the idea will not likely be able to prove that he or she did not first read about Stephan Hoppe's One-Million-Dollar-Idea on; that the person will then become obligated to Stephan Hoppe in the amount of $500,000. This is another example of the fine line between futile hope and reasoned despair that Stephan Hoppe dances along each and every day of his life.

No-charge One-Million-Dollar-Ideas (if you share with me)
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