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The Dangers of Recycling

picture of a Canadian, blue recycle bin

This morning was garbage day. It had the added bonus of being a very rainy and crappy garbage day. I dutifully dragged my garbage and my recycling through the rain from my garbage box at the back of my property to the pickup location at the other end of my property. A couple of hours later, I went to retrieve the now empty recycle bin only to find that one of them was completely wrecked!

It's not the end of the world, but I've had these bins for years. I have one from Markham where I used to live, one from Montreal where I also used to live, and one I purchased locally for $7. I have to admit, it got under my skin a little. Now granted, it's a pretty terrible day to be collecting recyclables, but I give a little something to these guys every Christmas and I make sure my stuff is organized neatly for them every week, so I don't think I deserve to be penalized just because the recycle guy is having a bad day, you know? And I'm out $7, so I made a mental note to be waiting and to chew out the recycle guy next week when he comes around.

Much later in the day, my wife and I are chatting and she offhandedly let's me know that she accidentally ran over a recycle bin with the van when she took the kids to school. Apparently, it made "a noise" and was "very scary". Realization dawned then, and I told her what I thought had happened.

In the end, we both agreed that it was a very good thing we cleared up the issue, because it probably saved me from getting beaten up by our garbage guys next week.

The Dangers of Recycling
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