A 360 degree panoramic of our campsite at Balsam Lake Provincial Park last May 2010.

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Link-O-Rama: On vye-yay tron tar! - YouTube

On vye-yay tron tar! - YouTube
French is impossible! 22 seconds in, she's actually saying: "On va etre en retard"

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Escaping North Korea

It's very difficult to watch Yeonmi Park recount the incredible story of her life so far, both in North Korea and after escaping to China.

She certainly makes me feel more grateful for everything I have, feel helpless to do anything to help her and those like her, yet still she makes me feel like I have to do something, no matter how small, and perhaps my small contribution combined with everyone else's can result in some change.

But what? Today's culture feels that posting, re-posting, sharing, and tweeting bits of media, or dumping buckets of water on each other's heads somehow shows solidarity and therefore obviates the need to actually do something useful to effect change. Sure I'm going to do all that tweeting bullshit as well. but what is something useful that I can actually do? I'm not sure yet.

Don't read this.

I just want to get this out there here and now so that over the however-many-more years I have left, I can gloat and say "I told me so".

It's plain as day that real estate is in the toilet, but that's not the point I want to make here. Since 2013 - 2014, I've already been saying we are at peak to anyone who would listen. The real point I want to make now, and to savour and to remember in the future, is this:

There will be no real estate recovery.*

Demographically speaking, our largest cohort is still the Boomers. By Boomers I mean disgusting, entitled, aging, and so increasingly smelly Baby Boomers, most with houses (often more than one) and cottages. They're near retirement or already retired and they want out. They want to retire up to ...

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