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Link-O-Rama: Alberta parents aquitted (sic) in death of toddler

Alberta parents aquitted (sic) in death of toddler
Ha! Some semblance of justice has belatedly been served in this case.

I was outraged on June 3rd of this year when the Lethbridge Court of Queen's Bench started a second trial of two parents who were merely trying to do what they thought was best for their child. I stress that these two parents made no mistakes and did not do a single thing wrong, but because their views differed from the traditional western medical attitude of: "Chemo it, radiate it, or cut it out." they were first vilified and then arrested. Despicable.

The second trial has now concluded and finally the Stephans have been given a sensible verdict. Sure, they have lost not only their child and 7 years of their lives but none of that matters I guess, because the important thing was that the machine that is the Lethbridge Court of Queen's Bench got to keep grinding along. I pity the next poor sap who comes into the court's cross-hairs so that the machine can keep on going.

It's hard for me to say this next bit, because I'm keenly aware that this human being has lost a child, but in the article, the moron father hilariously said that "...the verdict has renewed his faith in the legal system and reaffirms protection of parental rights" WTF?! If I ever meet this idiot, I'm going to kick the living shit out of him and help myself to the cash in his wallet, but then before I walk away, I'll give him back a twenty.

That should restore his faith in humanity again.

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xkcd comic: Fermirotica  

I'm just discovering this now, though I think it's been around for a while.

The Best Grammar Lesson You'll Ever Read.

A bar was walked into by the passive voice.

An oxymoron walked into a bar, and the silence was deafening.

Two quotation marks walk into a "bar."

A malapropism walks into a bar, looking for all intensive purposes wolf in cheap clothing, muttering epitaphs and casting dispersions on his magnificent other, who takes him for granite.

Hyperbole totally rips into this insane bar and absolutely destroys everything.

A question mark walks into a bar?

A non sequitur walks into a bar. In a strong wind, even turkeys can fly.

Papyrus and Comic Sans walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Get out we don't serve your type."

A mixed metaphor walks into a bar and smells the coffee on the wall.

A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.

Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. ...

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