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Link-O-Rama: Five-year-old girl found safe after Amber Alert issued in Markham

Five-year-old girl found safe after Amber Alert issued in Markham
"Video surveillance footage obtained by CP24 on Tuesday evening shows the father and daughter enter a Markham business before heavily-armed officers follow. Police were able to safely recover the young girl and arrest the man, bringing the Amber Alert to an end."

"The father was later released from custody and no charges were laid against him.
Police said they have concluded the investigation."

Pathetic! This is what Amber Alert had become, a mechanism for police to track citizens without cause.

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LOST: My favourite comb

Boy, things have really changed since he was four-years-old.

Why automatic transmission is better...

Have you ever tried to text and drive with a stick-shift? I can only get so many degrees of steering wheel rotation with my knee, and it still takes both hands to text. This makes me more likely to drop the phone when I have to shift, meaning that now instead of at least having peripheral vision my whole head disappears below dash level whilst I’m fishing for my iPhone to tell someone I’m running late because there was an accident on the freeway. THAT’s why automatic transmissions are better.

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