This was taken likely a couple of years after we started renovating. :-P I will never cut into a concrete wall ever again.

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Dear little naughty Virginia...

It was 6:30AM yesterday when I sat down at the dining room table to have my breakfast, and I discovered the note left to Santa Claus by my daughter the night before. Evidently, by writing in November she is trying to get the jump on the other kids and put her reasonable demands in front of Santa a little early...

And by some early Christmas miracle, Santa responded to Ellie. By 8AM when Ellie sat down to her breakfast, this note from Santa was waiting for her - somehow written in the same crisp strokes that her own father uses:

In the end, I don't think she fell for it. When I sat down for dinner last night, this was waiting for me:

Maybe it was Santa's evil laugh...

Dear little naughty Virginia...
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